My Friend, Rachel Was Molested and fucked in a Bus During a Long Journey Home From the Night Out – Then You Will Be Disgusted With Everything I Am About to Tell You


I think I might be able to share with you a story about my friend Rachel. She has been going through a rough time in her personal life and has recently passed out drunk on a bus while alone, and when she got home she found that the dog she had spent the night with, had been gang-raped and beaten. My friend is in an abusive situation right now, but it turned into a life saving event because she was able to get herself out of the situation by using a dirty trick; I got her out of there alive! Now she is going through therapy and trying to figure out what went wrong so that she can avoid similar situations in the future. She tells me that she feels totally violated because she feels as if she was not given the human respect and love that she felt she deserved due to what had happened to her and the other women on the bus. She is suing the bus company, the owner of the bus, and even the other passengers who she says took part in the attack on her friend, Rachel.